Wednesday, March 25, 2009


The only thing I've harvested so far is mustard greens. I planted a row about four feet long and we get enough for a side dish (half a grocery bad raw/less than a quart cooked) every 3-4 days. I have to say it is pretty dran good. The two year-old likes it almost as much as pasta (and eats it the same way: shoved by the handfuls into his mouth and hanging off his chin). The way the wife cooked it last night was the best (which she found amusing because this time she tossed the recipes and just threw a bunch of stuff in the pot and cooked it) and I actually drank the juice from leftovers after lunch today.

Potatoes are looking good (I think the ones in pots are doing as well or better than the ones in the raised beds or the ground).

By accident, I solved a problem with growing Strawberries in Louisiana: I have plants in small pots (I'd estimate about a quart to 1/2 gallon size) and plan to catch the runners in other pots (planned). The berries hang over the side, so they don't touch the ground and rot (discovered by accident).

People told me not even to try growing Tomatoes from seed, but my plants from seed have caught up and surpassed the plants I bought. The latest experiment is seeing how I do starting tomatoes in a hole in the ground filled with seed starter.

Heirloom collard greens are coming up one week after planting.

I think the carrots I planted months ago are finally coming up.

Lettuce is growing pretty slow but has a very pretty and health head--I might try this type in the front bed as it could pass for an ornamental.

Not much success with beans or cabbage. Okra still has not come up, so I planted a new area with some native Louisiana Okra seeds.