Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Misspent Energy

Someone I've been chatting with said "Your creation story will largely determine the direction of your worldview." Most Evangelicals and Fundamentalists would probably agree with this, but I don't think that it necessarily or even very often affects a person's worldview. I personally don't see that evolution makes a whole lot of sense and I can't really see how anyone could buy into it, but if I belived in evolution my worldview would not change one bit. Further, I don't think that most people who believe in evolution see it as a reason to doubt thier faith.

Another issue that I think gets an inordinant amount of attenton is prayer in school. Kids should be allowed to express thier beliefs, and their freedom of religion should not be infinged, and when it is, I think the affected person should sue for an injuction, but do we really think that our society is going to turned around by changing the government's approach to prayer in school?

I think if we want to make a difference in our society, there are plenty of other areas where our time would be better spent. I think these two areas get more attention than they deserve.

There is an old saying "You have to pick your battles." Is it fitting to spend so much energy on these two issues when we are engaging in preemptive war overseas, mass killing of infants and the elderly and sick here at home, and most everything we buy is made by slave labor in an oppressive communist country with one of the worst records of human rights violations?

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David Howard said...

Have noted your post and I am going to print it out, so I can read it offline, to think about it more clearly.
Have been busy quitting my job and fending off anti-Christian attacks on my art site - ArtSmelter.
One statement I made was that art can't be unraveled from meaning as eventually you would have nothing left.
Sorry, I can't keep up with all your questions, life is busy managing ten staff and being a practicing artist as well.

'In the beginning was information' is actually online in it's entirety . It looks at information science. He shows that information demands an intelligent source. Werner Gitt is an information scientist from Germany, the book is fascinating and thought provoking.

'Pidgeon holed' I mean someone who has backed into a certain belief position, and needs to justify themselves.

I can't remember the rest of your questions but will read your current post and have a think about it.