Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Pope John Paul II

My wife and I watched the made-for-television movie about Pope John Paul II. It was not bad at all for a made for TV film. As far as I could tell, it was not only historically accurate, it contained a lot of true to life actual events--i.e. the film is actually a good source of information about the pope. The only criticism I have is that the death of his mother then brother then father, from what I understand, made perhaps a bigger impression on him than anything else in his life, but the film doesn't really go there other than portraying sadness at his father's death. Also, there is a quasi-romance in the movie that I don't think ever actually happened.

It did an excellent job of showing his love of Poland. It also hit on his strong beliefs in controversial areas--of course I agree with him on all those areas!

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David said...

One of the guys in our Bible study asked why God didn't give John Paul II the ability to work miracles as Sts. Peter and Paul. The gentleman felt this would help with faith and evangelization. Do you know of any miracles JPII is credited with while he was alive?