Friday, February 29, 2008

Free Elections, My Ass

Title of post is a quote from Civis in a private email. Used by permission. Check these videos out if you find your spirits running unexpectedly high and need to find a way to bring them down.

Computer Programmer testifies under oath regarding election rigging in South Florida:

John McCain won New Hampshire, my ass:

Perhaps the scariest of all: when a young father of five, a cool-headed Ron Paul supporter, suggests that we may have nowhere else to go than to the gun cabinet, then Houston, we have a problem.


Flumenanimus said...

And we're on such a high horse about how free we are and we are going to spread democracy in the world! And Muslims hate us because we are free.

We've got too much work to be done at home.

I'm glad to see a few people who care.

Civis said...

My only question is if this court testimony is for real, why haven't we heard about it?

Is that a stupid question?