Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Christians united for Israel (Link sent by Qualitas Loquor)


If you want, let’s talk about this, briefly.


Watch the video at the site.



Civis said...

This is crazy. So what is it that makes these charismatics thing support for the nation of Isreal is their "duty to God"? I think that is what one one preacher said.

Qualitas Loquor said...

The "Armageddonites" are out supporting the secular State of Israel. I wonder if the CUFI has a statement about how all countries, even Western democracies, have to obide by just war principles. Radical Islamic terrorists don't comply with just war principles but that doesn't mean the US and Israel shouldn't comply with them.

I am afraid their bad theology will keep these leaders from seeing unjust war techniques and international law violations committed by the secular state of Israel. We can see it done by others but why can't we see it done by ourselves?

Civis, I think this goes back to our conversation one morning over coffee where we were discussing what the "restoration of the kingdom" means in Acts. We believe Christ was the fulfillment of the Davidic kingdom and that it will last forever, under the reign of Christ. And we have seen that God's covenant family/kingdom has extended beyond just a nation or territorial kingdom into a "universal" (Catholic), sacramental kingdom.

To Christians, introducing citizens of Israel to Christ the King is imperative; supporting Israel's (a secular state) foreign policy is debatable. Do they think Jews should convert to Christianity? We know ancient Israel was the first-born among many, but is present-day Israel the better-born? Do they think Israel should first be a state and then they will convert to Christianity? Do they need to convert in their theology?

It is interesting to see how the Vatican interacts with Israel and how the “Christian Right” does. Very different approaches.

For a little more discussion on restoration theology, google “all israel will be saved pitre”. The blog is called “Singing in the Reign” or something like that.

Civis said...

How does the Vatican interact with Israel?

I have never really understood what it is that these--premilleniaists? I'm not sure how to describe them--belive with regard to Israel. I do remember looking at a book that hand a picture of the Prime Ministers of Palestine and Israel shaking hands and subscript that said this was the fulfillment of some prophecy--the fact that they were talking to each other.