Friday, June 29, 2007



Anyone who would like to read one of the four foreign policy books proposed previously, please voice your preference. I'm going to call my die-hard companions (Confero and Qualitas) this weekend and try to decide something so we can order through Amazon/interlibrary loan. I propose we shoot for beginning in the last week in July (i.e. spend the next three weeks on THE CUBE), unless we finish early. I don't want the reading of THE CUBE to be rushed for anyone; The less pressure we have, the more likely we can continue to educate ourselves in spite of busy lives.

I have previously described BLOWBACK. I think we all know about the 911 Commission Report (and I don't think anybody is interested plus its long--though thumbing through it, it does look like it might be good).

I've made the case for BLOWBACK, now let me make the case for IMPERIAL HUBRIS:
Like BLOWBACK, it is realtively short (263 pages). This time the author is not a foreign policy expert, but a CIA Agent, the former head of the CIA's "Bin Ladin" unit. It was orginally published anonymously ( and my copy says "anonymous") but the author has revealed himself as Michael Scheuer.

ADVANTAGES: book by someone with first hand knowledge, directly on topic for what we are discussing and what is a burning topic that needs to be decided one way or the other and should inform our decision in the upcoming election.

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